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Our shared workspace helps to cultivate opportunities for positive impact in Tairāwhiti.

This famous chant is commonly used within Māori karakia to signal that the group is united and ready to progress the purpose of them coming together. “Tāiki e!” is a powerful unifying statement and call to action; a statement of shared commitment to proceed forward with the important work that needs to be done.


Tāiki e! Impact House is a dynamic hub dedicated to changemakers, people eager to tackle pressing social and environmental challenges through entrepreneurship. It’s a meeting point for everyone who dares to question the status quo and pursues a durable societal impact. We believe business should be a force for positive social and environmental innovation. If we work together on all levels and think long term, we can achieve sustainable impact.


It is a place where social entrepreneurs, creatives, impact investors, community developers and whānau committed to change can come together. It’s a place where people are inspired, new collaborations grow and innovative solutions are co-created. It’s a small but ambitious impact house, meeting and event space with positive impact at its core


Collectively we work towards creating a culture of impact in Tairāwhiti by developing opportunities for community to engage in impact initiatives and to inspire and empower community to lead their own innovative solution development processes. Tāiki e! is a home for positive impact and a beacon of support to those out in the community doing good work.

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